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New employees may find it difficult to fit in, and helping them feel comfortable and familiar with their new working environment is a great idea. Below are a few reasons why welcoming a new employee is important.

  • HR@work says, “It helps them ‘feel at home’ which is very important now that you want them to contribute to the company’s growth.”
  • helps them bond with team members whom they share similar interests
  • Welcoming them includes sharing important documents and relevant information with them, which is a step towards better working.

Below are 5 great ways of welcoming a new employee to your team.

Introduce Them On Slack / Social Media

Announce the presence of your new employee on the company’s preferred digital channel, such as slack. Introducing them on the organization’s social media platform helps them learn more about the company. They get to learn the company’s culture, any important files, announcements, notices, and so much more. It is an easy way of introducing a new employee since it does not disrupt anyone’s schedule. It also inspires communication between the old employees and the new members.

Announce Them in the Company Newsletter & Website

Give a shout out to the new team member in the company’s newsletter! Include a short write up about a few interesting things about them. Be sure to include a professional photo. Add their photo to the company website with a bio and links out to their LinkedIn profile. This will make them feel a part of the team and they can show it off to their friends and family that they made it on to the company website!

Throw A Little Welcoming Party and Make Introductions

Get to know your new employees over some tasty meals and drinks. A welcoming party is a more relaxed environment, and new and existing employees can bond much faster. If the company is big, you may not hold a party for everyone, but that should not stop you. A smaller group is even better because it makes it easier for the new employees to remember faces and create allies.

Create a New Hire Welcome Kit

Your new employee needs to understand where they fit in the company, and an organizational chart can be very helpful. Also, give them the company directory—you can mark the names of the people under their department or those they may need to work with often so they do not keep getting stranded. The welcome kit could also include where they can get good meals, drinks, or buy some personal items. Create packages with useful information for your new hire. It can go a long way in making them more comfortable.

Assign a Work Buddie

Get some volunteer to help the new employee around. It is not easy for them to make friends with everyone at once, and they may end up feeling lonely and isolated. A work buddie will give them personal attention and ensure they get things right. The friend can explain to them how things work, show them where to look for what, go for lunch together, and offer any assistance they may need. Other employees can also chip in whenever it’s required but having a specific person to go to for help is very important.

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