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How to Find the Best Roof Inspection Services

How to Find the Best Roof Inspection Services

Have you recently had a hailstorm or other major weather event in your neighborhood recently? This may be a good time to hire a roof inspection company. Actually, professional roofers would suggest having a yearly checkup for your roof every year in the fall. Here’s how to find the best roof inspection services in your area.


First, you might ask, why can’t I as a homeowner simply do the yearly roof inspections myself? If your roof is less than five years old, a visual inspection for damaged or flapping shingles could be enough. You’ll also want to check for potential leaks on the interior of the house, especially in the attic. But, once your roof approaches ten years old, and hasn’t been worked on recently, this is when hiring a professional contractor becomes a better option.


Some roofing contractors will offer free estimates which can give you some information on what may need repair or replacement with your roof. Of course, you’ll usually only call a roof inspector to your home if you actually notice something wrong, right? After all, the contractor offers those estimates in the homes that he or she will get to actually work on your home.


But, what if there aren’t any obvious repairs needed with your roof? If your roof is over ten years old, it could be worth the cost to hire a different type of inspector every fall. There are thermal imaging specialists who provide building envelope inspections. These inspectors will actually be available to check out your entire house, including the roof.


The major difference with having a roof inspected with infrared is you get to see the unseen areas where air could be leaking from your home or moisture is being trapped. Of course, air leaks will noticeably affect your heating and cooling costs. Trapped moisture can cause mold growth or water damage to building materials. Also, since this service is available to do your whole house, you can realize savings right away by finding other potential air leaks or hidden issues in your home that can be easily repaired.


In fact, using an infrared inspection service can actually be a plus. Then, when you do call a roofing contractor, you’ll have the information to tell them exactly what needs fixed. Also, if there are other home improvements you could make, you could hire that contractor to get the other work done, too.


So, if you see obvious repairs that need to be made to your roof, absolutely call the best roof inspection services in town. Just keep in mind that what you don’t see going on under the roof shingles or in the walls of your home could cost you dearly in the long run. If you haven’t done any major work on your home’s roof in a long time, definitely look into hiring a roofing inspection company right away.

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