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How To Record The Screen On Your Mac?

How To Record The Screen On Your Mac?

Ever wanted to capture a video of your screen on your Mac to share with your friend, colleague, or just for your own personal use? Screen recording can help with that. It’s as simple as pressing a few buttons and voila – you have a video recording of your screen.

There are free and paid, basic and more advanced options to choose from, all available on your Mac. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the best screen recording software you can use to screen capture on your Mac and give essential tips to make your recordings look better.

Overview of Screen Recording Software Compatible with Mac

1. Screenshot Toolbar

Paying for or downloading any screen recorder for Mac might not be necessary, as this operating system comes with a built-in feature. If you don’t need advanced capabilities, this is the simplest option for you. This is how to use it:

  1. Press Shift + Command + 5 on your keyboard to open the Screenshot toolbar.
  2. Go to the Settings before recording to set a timer, turn on microphone audio, or choose where the file will be saved.
  3. Select the appropriate recording option and click Record.
  4. Click Stop on the menu bar to end and save your recording.

2. CleanShot X

This is a paid recording software available only for Mac. It varies from the standard options by providing more customization of your recordings. You can also remove desktop clutter, annotate screen captures, and more. Some key features include:

  • Record webcam, internal audio, microphone all together or separately
  • Highlighting mouse clicks and keystrokes
  • Built-in trimming tool
  • Cloud upload to organize and share videos

3. Screenflick

Another premium Mac screen capture tool but with a free trial period available. The program is more focused on recording gameplay and sharing tutorial videos as it allows for drawing on screen, post-recording customization of key presses showing/hiding the mouse, overlaying, and more. Other useful features:

  • Choice of recording area
  • Many export options and varying settings
  • Watermarking and time-stamping your recordings

4. Loom

In case you need to record your screen on a Mac but don’t want to fill up the space on your computer, Loom could be an ideal fit. It’s a cloud-based screen recorder with a free and paid version. The latter has more video editing tools and is without the 5-minute limit per recording. These are its highlights:

  • Video-to-text transcription
  • Has mobile, desktop, and browser versions
  • Collaboration through emojis, comments, and CTAs
  • Integration with project management tools and social media platforms

Tips for Effective Screen Recording on Mac

Best quality requires you to be precise in several areas, especially if you’re working on something like a video shoot or capturing video tutorials on a Mac.  These tips will help you to create high-quality screen recordings:

  • Some recording software specializes better on particular types of recordings, so if you have a specific task in mind, browse through the software features that suit it best.
  • Higher quality demands more system resources and increases file size. Adjust the recording settings accordingly to preserve memory and achieve a suitable balance between quality and performance.
  • Use screen recording shortcuts on Mac to make the process faster and smoother.
  • Always prioritize the audio quality and make sure to check the microphone, computer sound, or both before the process. Record in a quiet environment to avoid background noise distractions.

Troubleshooting Screen Recording Issues on Mac

If you encounter any issues during screen recording on your Mac, here are some solutions that might help:

  • If the recorded video is choppy or has low quality, try tweaking the frame rate and resolution settings.
  • To avoid lag or delays in recording, close any unnecessary programs or clear up some space on your computer before starting the recording process.
  • Experience crashes while sharing the screen? Check for any updates for both your operating system and screen recording software.
  • If you’re having trouble with audio, make sure the correct microphone and sound input are selected in the system preferences.
  • In any cases, you can always try restarting your computer or using a different recorder.


Now that you can capture your screen on Mac, you’re open to various possibilities.  Whether you’re making tutorials or just want to share a funny moment with your friends, record your screen with ease. 

Don’t forget to follow the tips we’ve discussed to make sure your recordings are of the highest quality and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Happy recording!

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