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How to turn your dreams into goals

How to turn your dreams into goals

We all have dreams in life and we often never wake long enough to make them come true. A goal is no more than a dream with a deadline and everything can be accomplished following the correct plan and patience. We need to remember that all good things never come easy and we need to work very hard and usually for an extended period to attain them. You need the appropriate mindset and drive to stick to your process of becoming whatever and whoever you want to be.

Indestructible faith in yourself

Sometimes we lack confidence in our abilities and we only see limitations all around us. These things don’t need to go away but we need to learn how to act and maintain our focus even with all those negatives thoughts in our minds. Embrace the challenge and say to yourself that even though there is a clear and most likely chance of not accomplish anything, you still give all you have until the last moment. Faith is not a matter of believing in what you can see, it is a matter of believing in everything you are thinking you can do but it is not yet in front of you.

Extraordinary effort

Most people fail because they don’t give that little extra needed or stop after a short period. To reach our goals, we need to continue going even when it seems it will never happen. Everything worth having takes longer than we expect and we need to be prepared for working just a bit more of what we think we can do each day until we get what we were always looking for. Remember, if other people seem to get their shot before you, that doesn’t mean you won’t, it means the stuck until the end and your end hasn’t arrived yet, but it will.

Do not get attached to your results

This is a major issue when trying to reach the end of our journey. We usually focus on the immediate results we are getting instead of seeing the big picture. They exist to make you grow and maybe reconsider your actions and process so you should see them as an asset instead of a disadvantage. If you need to change your entire game plan, do it but do not give up because you can be closer to your goals than you think. Even if you are still miles away from it, you are not as far as when you started and it is not a race, you will be number 1 no matter how it takes.

Other’s opinions don’t have much value

Some people in our lives have never believed in themselves and for the same reason, they don’t believe in others. They might tell you it is too hard or that it has been too long with no results but don’t ever forget they don’t know your process. They have never done what you are about to do so their opinion doesn’t matter because you are committed to get to the end.

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