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The 21/90 rule can help build good habits and a lasting lifestyle change

The 21/90 rule can help build good habits and a lasting lifestyle change

Whether it’s in your family, business, hobbies, or personal lives, you always want to have the best habits. One of the simplest and best methods to achieve this is the 21/90 rule. This rule is the best because it’s simple and straightforward.

You just commit to a professional or personal goal for 21 consecutive days. When you pursue the goal repeatedly for 21 straight days, the goal will turn into a habit. After you are used to that habit, push it to another 90 days.

If you can keep doing something for three consecutive weeks and prolong it for additional 90 days, then you’ll have achieved a lasting lifestyle change.

Now you have known what the 21/90 rule is. The next thing is to know how you can apply the rule to better your life. While you might be living the best life you might have desired; you need to do something that will improve your life. You should choose a positive thing that you can do every day, no matter the state or place that you might be. So, what’re the best goals that you can achieve with the 21/90 rule?

Living a Positive life

One thing that many people struggle to achieve is a positive life. But if you desire to, there’s one way to help you achieve exactly that—look at your whole life, pinpoint one positive thing, and note it down.

This small thing might be anything. It can be an excellent performance in a particular project in your workplace, your favorite team’s comeback, or even your son’s/daughter exemplary performance. Find something that arouses your joy each day and write it down. Do this for 21 consecutive days. You can repeat an occasion if it pleases you on different days but always focuses on the current happenings. Once you succeed in doing this, continue doing it for a further ninety days.

You can write multiple things in a single day but ensure to have at least one daily. When you stick with this process for this period, you’ll most probably have a positive thing to write about every day. Your life will start brightening, as you will have started to focus on the positive things. You don’t care about the negative things—and if you do, they don’t drag you back as they used to.

What are the Three Things in your Life that You Require Some Help in?

Focus on your life and pinpoint three things that you feel that you require some help in. These things can relate to anything ranging from finances, relationships, and even your stress levels. But remember to focus on one thing at a time. Try to put some effort into that aspect of your life daily. And most importantly, avoid anything that might distract you from focusing on the goal.

After you settle on the aspect that you want to tackle first, the next thing is to set yourself some goals. These goals should address issues based on how you want to carry on, how you would like to implement the change, and the most appropriate time. Remember to take your time when you are making these goals. Never be in a hurry—sit down and comprehend the importance of achieving the change in your life.

For instance, you might be willing or desiring to make exercise your daily routine. Try to convince your mind that daily exercise and meditation will give you a healthy body, inner peace, happiness, and help keep the doctor away. That way, your body will feel ready for the change.

After you have followed the whole process with one thing —21 days and further three months, you can turn to the next thing. Repeat the process with the second and third aspects. In the process, you will most likely find yourself progressing without feeling overwhelmed.

Choose an Undertaking that Gives You some Joy Daily

As human beings, we always try to find some pleasurable escape. However, this escape should be not only sweet and joyous but also short enough to ensure that it doesn’t drag us out of our daily chores and responsibilities. So, it’s advisable to go with something that will take only five or ten minutes of your day, although it should be something that crops up every day.

This sweet and short period of your day could be anything. You can choose to take a short walk around your office or workplace; you can choose to just scribe something on your notebook, or even talk to somebody who positively inspires you. This goal’s possibilities are endless—but ensure what you choose something that leaves you happy, optimistic, and relaxed.

The experience should not only give you a break from your daily practices, but it should also present a real feeling of recreation. Your daily hustles can wait for only five to ten minutes. So, find your quick time from your tight schedules and make it count.

In a Nutshell,

Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s 21/90 rule states that you will take 21 days to develop a habit and additional 90 days to convert it into a permanent lifestyle. Within 111 days, you can create a lifestyle that you’ve always desired.

Some say rules were made to be broken, but not the 21/90 rule! How many times have you tried to imbibe a habit or lifestyle into your life? And, have you ever tried to quit one?

It’s possible to live your life the best way you like it. Take your steps today—apply the 21/90 rule.

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