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What is minimalism really about?

What is minimalism really about?

We live in a very materialistic world where we buy something one day and the next day there is a new and improved model. We are influenced by the media to think we need things when it is not true. Our houses, apartments, and/or offices are filled with possessions we hardly ever use shortly after we purchase them and we don’t seem to get enough. Because of this, some people are joining a movement that is not new but it is increasing in popularity; minimalism. This lifestyle teaches you to focus more on the intangible treasure as love and gratitude than in material things. People who follow this lifestyle save more money and they are also virtually stressed-free.

A lot of people think to be a minimalist means to live in a tiny apartment and have only the amount of objects you can fit in a suitcase but this is not the case. The main principle of minimalism is, of course, to have fewer things possible. However, this varies according to the person and this is the beauty of it. You set how you want to approach minimalism. It could be just cleaning your house and getting rid of what you no longer use or moving to a tiny apartment. There are not establish rules about it, you can do what you feel it needs to be done and works for you. 

There is only one question you should ask yourself when you try to follow this lifestyle. This question will guide and through your process of becoming a minimalist. For some things, you will have to do a soul search and go deep into it to fully understand and accept your answer as final. You have to make sure you will not regret your choices and you will feel liberated because of it.


Sometimes things have more than commercial value. They could have been given to as by a loved one that is no longer with us or represents a happy or successful moment in our lives. These are the hardest to leave behind and you don’t have to do it if you are not ready. This is a process of decluttering yourself you live a more meaningful life and so do not put unnecessary anxiety over it. Sit down a day and consider what objects you need and what are the most important to you, so important that you will feel incomplete without it and those are the ones you should keep.

Do not take as a measurement stick what your friends have or what they will say if you don’t have. Think about that awesome jacket that makes you feel like a superhero or the computer you need for work. This lifestyle is all about to find a purpose for the things you own and if they don’t have it, emotional or practical, they have no place in your life. It is not an easy task but the best things in life do not come easy anyway.

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