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Why Spring Home Maintenance Is a Must

Why Spring Home Maintenance Is a Must

Spring home maintenance should be a big part of every homeowner’s routine. There are several major reasons this is important. It can also save your home (and a good chunk of money) in the long run. Just like doing fall maintenance before the winter strikes is essential, spring maintenance after the cold season is also a must. It gives you peace of mind and some of the estate planning cape cod attorneys supports this. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should talk to a contractor about getting your spring home maintenance done today.

Hidden A/C Issues Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Every spring, there are some tasks that should always be done to maintain your A/C system. This includes changing filters, cleaning ducts, and if applicable, replacing window units. Having non-functional filters and/or clogs in your duct-work can mean running your system at far less than peak efficiency. That means wasted money in energy costs. But it can also mean extra wear and tear on your system that can cause it to break down and require very expensive repairs or even complete replacement!

Catching Leaks Early Prevents Larger Problems Later

Like with any sort of home maintenance, if you catch a problem early, you can get it fixed before a major problem ensues. There’s nothing like water damage to ruin your day, though. Any leaks you find in any part of your home should be dealt with immediately. Water damage or rot can cause serious structural issues in the long-term. You definitely don’t want to be stuck with that bill later.

Proper Weather Stripping Saves Time & Money

Weather stripping is important in all seasons. Not only does properly installed and maintained weather stripping keep out unwanted water leaks, it also keeps in air and helps regulate your home’s temperature. In the winter, it helps keep the warm air in, and in the summer, it helps keep the hot air out. Spring is a good time for replacing this important feature before it starts to warm up. Otherwise, you’ll be blasting the A/C unnecessarily.

Simple Caulking is Majorly Important

Like weather stripping, caulking is also important for maintaining your home’s temperature during any season. Caulking is very inexpensive and you can do it yourself. In concert with weather stripping, especially around windows and doors, you can save a lot on your heating and cooling bills. It’s also important to make sure that caulking is properly maintained in the bathroom, since you don’t want moisture seeping into places it doesn’t belong.

Clogged Gutters Prevent Drainage

Gutters tend to be a major part of spring home maintenance. It’s not just because clogged gutters are an eyesore. During the fall, leaves can get backed up in the gutter system. This leads to other materials collecting as well. Then, when the snow packs on in the winter, it creates a bigger problem and the gutters end up not being able to drain. Once that snow starts melting off in the winter and the spring rain is coming, this is a huge problem. Only clean and clear gutters can properly drain. This is essential to keeping your roof intact longer.  

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